General Psychology


This educational psychology course reflects the psychological issues that teachers and students face in instructional environments. Instruction can occur anywhere, not only in classrooms. We examine learning and teaching situations, considering historical and contemporary theories of education and psychology, in any setting. Upon examination, we attend to cultural, socio-economic and structural (e.g. poverty, privilege and power) dynamics that are system-embedded and can affect the teacher and student in a myriad of ways. These ways include motivation and classroom management, educational views and development, individual differences (abilities), instructional approaches and assessment.


I taught this course while I was at graduate school which ended in 2010 and then I resumed instruction in Fall 2015. Reviewing the material that describe effective teaching and meaningful learning helped me to remember why this course remains one of my favorite subjects to teach. Discussing what teachers can do despite the obstacles they face, and understanding what students can do in light of their (sometimes very different) lives outside of school constructed realities that my students and I witnessed in the classroom. Thus, the gaps between theory and practice were slim.


This is my syllabus for the course. If you need a copy, please contact me.


Here is the link to the evaluation for this class for Fall 2015. Here is the observation by faculty at the institution.