Psychology of the Exceptional Child


This course is designed to encourage students to consider the cognitive and emotional disorders arising in childhood and adolescence. They review topics that include intellectual and learning disabilities, and behavior disorders as well as the problems of etiology and treatment.


I taught this course for at least two years, and I was really excited teaching it because I was able to apply to what I learned in my cognate in special education at the doctoral level to an undergraduate course. I gave the students too many assignments the first time I taught it. As a result, I chose those assignments the students found most effective in learning different types of abilities. Also, I used project-based activities where students were able to learn not only the perspective of the caregiver or psychologist for a student with a disability, but also the student's perspective of having a disability. We recognized that the perspectives need to be healthy on both sides of the relationship in order for the best care to be provided, and the assistance serves as a gain to the recipient.


This is my syllabus for the course. If you need a copy, please contact me.


Here are the links to the evaluations for this class for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013