APA - American Psychological Association

"The student trained to reach decisions in the light of logic and of history will be disposed to recognize that, in a democratic country, governed as this is by the suffrage of its citizens, and given over as this is to the principle and practice of educating women, a distinction based on difference of sex is artificial and illogical." ~ Mary Whiton Calkins

My connections with APA began when my mentor encouraged me to apply for a position within a division. I applied and was elected to be the newsletter editor for The General Psychologist for Division 1 - The Society for General Psychology. Our mission is to create coherence amongst the diverse areas of the discipline of psychology ensuring that we acknowledge the contributions of the sub-disciplines of psychology into our research, theory and practice. I am primarily a practitioner-teacher and secondarily a researcher. And I am mirthful to be a member of Division 1 because my sub-disciplines are many. :-) I do not have a primary specialty in psychology. At heart, I am a generalist. And my areas are educational, humanistic, trauma, international, depth psychology and psychology of women. I do not possess the funds or time to be an active member of all these areas (or divisions) within APA. However, I believe my membership with Division 1 suffices to a degree. I am also a member of three other divisions.

As a generalist, I concur with Mary Whiton Calkins that distinctions based on any difference as artificial and illogical. Distinctions, as I perceive as a researcher are superficial if my clients/patients/students do not perceive these distinctions in the same way, simply because their life experiences are different. As a result, their unique experience is inherent to them and I am there as a researcher/counselor/teacher to help them discern what they already possess. They have their eyes ~ beautiful eyes ~ and I hand them their glasses, designing lenses to help them see their world more clearly.