tea and books


Why am I so passionate about tea? For me, it represents so much that is good in this world. Firstly, leaves or herbs are harvested from plants to the extent that they are not indiscriminately killed or tormented or face extinction (as often occurs with animals and plants). There is an unspoken understanding that enough leaves are picked for the plant or tree to continue to survive. As a result, a symbiotic relationship is established to a high degree. Secondly, everyone in this world drinks tea sanctifying it as a universal language for me. They may not call it tea but most likely they have boiled some leaves in water and then drank the concoction. Thirdly, tea appears to represent an aspect of culture that is symbolic and treasured. Some tea cultures are very auspicious since at times, a ritual is strictly followed to partake in tea drinking collectively. However, drinking tea can be a very informal event where one can see how others relax and communicate. Most importantly drinking tea can be a very private event where warmth and comfort and healing are brought to the soul. 

My bi-annual Tea of choice: Spice Cake Premium Black Tea Blend tea from Red Rose. Unfortunately, this tea is  no longer being manufactured by Red Rose, at least in the United States. The link I provided points only to the picture of the box. I have five sachets of this tea left and I will not be using it anytime soon. When I first tasted the tea, I was immediately transported to my home in Trinidad and Tobago setting my eyes at the arboreta strewn across the Northern hills with the sun light gracing my face. I felt warm, alive and green nestled in such comfort. The subtleties of the flavors in this tea was outstanding, and genuinely embraced the fullness of a slice of spice cake. Delicious! You ask about the nutrition level? I think it has the same amount of nutrients as any other type of black tea. Does it increase my alertness, and do I feel nourished? All the above! :-)