Image by Al Hurley

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul – James Addison

My teaching philosophy is a dynamic one and is centered on two foci: transformative learning and inclusive education. It is dynamic because it depends on my transformative learning as I (a) engage with my students; (b) read the literature that entails novel and proven effective teaching concepts and practices; and (c) discuss with my colleagues about my experiences. It rests on inclusive education because I believe students with diverse educational needs can learn once they are provided with the appropriate resources. A snapshot of my teaching is like a photograph that illustrates the time and place, and the ways in which I interact with my students which can appear captivating, or simply unappealing. These static elements are the individual brush strokes on a canvas. When looked at in its entirety, a fascinating and intense painting emerges – my learning is transformed as my students discover their capabilities with new knowledge mediated by personally relevant symbols and tools.

Given my artistic metaphor, transformative learning and inclusive education encompasses three core components:

  1. The Active Reds – Social
  2. The Fertile Greens – Cognitive
  3. The Voluminous Blues - Evaluative