Computers for the Social and Behavioral Sciences


This course was designed to nurture an understanding of the computer as a professional tool in the social and behavioral sciences with special emphasis on data collection, data description and data analysis (with statistical software e.g. SPSS for Windows), use of the Internet, on-line bibliographic searching, computers in teaching and learning, and computerized techniques in psychological testing.


I taught this course for four consecutive years. My students and I clearly preferred the sixteen weeks because we had adequate time to integrate knowledge of statistical procedures with SPSS. Many of my students either disliked mathematics or had no interest in statistics. However once we broached topics in politics or 'preferred personality traits for intimate relationships', their interest increased and I used that as a stimulus for quantitative reasoning. Then we were astounded by the various ways numbers can be interpreted, transformed and manipulated. And my students quickly recognized that we could not appreciate statistics without acknowledging the intentions of the statisticians, which are often implicit. Their subsequent revelations always infused my choosing this class as one of my favorites to teach. They transferred their lambent understandings to their papers that they chose to write. My students wrote about love, abuse, alcoholism, racism, disability, sex trafficking, online education, religion and other topics they found relevant to their own lives. I was deeply honored and blessed to read their papers and witnessed their presentations because they always showed the grit and grace of the human spirit. They have helped me to be stronger and taught me that my perceptions that I thought were stolen or lost, were actually gained ~ my redemption occurred when I decided to stand and deliver, and receive.


This is my syllabus for the course. If you need a copy, please contact me.


The following list the evaluations for this course that I received in Spring 2013Spring 2014, Fall 2014Spring 2015Fall 2015Spring 2016, Fall 2016 (Hybrid and Face-to-Face) and Spring 2017.