General Psychology


This course is a general introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and findings of contemporary psychology. It is an introduction to the science of behavior and mental processes. Students will be exposed to the various areas within the field such as learning theory, development, personality, clinical psychology, and intelligence.


I taught this course for the first time in 2014. My course was the first that they took in the discipline of psychology. Additionally, for many of my students, the semester was their first in college. I recognized that there were so many psychological concepts that needed to be reviewed. As a result, I tried not to overwhelm my students with the quantity of concepts, but paid more attention to the quality of my instruction. I remembered my first psychology class as a student with Dr. Paul Echandia (rest in peace). He gave multiple choice tests that I dreaded taking because I kept thinking about all those concepts to recall! Clearly, I did not follow the working memory techniques to retain the information. Even so, I did recollect Dr. Echandia speaking about Stanley Milgram's experiment and he showed rare camera footage since he met Dr. Milgram. At that point, I was intrigued by the conditions that prompt obedience in humans and the crippling effects of authority when used recklessly. Recognizing that Dr. Echandia's personal meeting with Dr. Milgram's was the pivotal moment I needed to appreciate the discipline of psychology, I felt as an instructor, I had to provide illustrative, personal stories to capture my students' interest as well. Recalling concepts without feeling was not adequate to discern that "Psychology is sweet!" :-)


This is my syllabus for the course. If you need a copy, please contact me.


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